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As a fellow pilgrim on this journey, I treasure living. Clinically and personally, I aspire to hold an attitude of existential Courage, mindfulness Compassion and scientific Curiosity.

I have been educated in 4 different countries: Canada, Taiwan, India and U.S.A., I am a licensed clinical psychologist in Taiwan, a psychology professor and dissertation chair in the U.S., as well as a clinical psychologist candidate in the state of Colorado.

If you are willing to exercise courage and explore your psychological well-being, as an individual, a couple or a parent/child, I would be privileged to serve as your witness.

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Who are you? What will you do to feel the way you want to feel?



Impermanence in our life phases show up in the name of growing, aging and dying. There are always gains and losses or good and bad horses. Inevitably, we deal with body image shifts, identity and role transitions, all of which requires that we grapple groundlessness. Anxiety work is in part grief and spiritual work. Some may prefer to process through somatic experience others find expression through arts like poetry.

"life is to be lived forward and understood backwards" ~Kirkegaard.


Love takes courage. The courage to risk loss and make sense of change as relationships and identities evolve. Meaningful conversations that need to be had include the messy definitions, understanding, and assumptions each has regarding forms of commitment, emotional intimacy, and sexual synchrony. Relationship work brings about honesty, honoring one another's truth and boundaries in order to facilitate the cultivation of meaningful relationships. "Happiness is to live in harmony with one's daimon." ~Rollo May


Who are you today? How have you evolved and how are you evolving? What kind of personal work have you faced? What societal roles, clinical diagnoses, physical challenges/ changes, and cultural/ spiritual transitions are you navigating? Through assessment, exploration, and meditation, one can look beyond diagnoses for clarification. This work takes challenges and practices, I would be privileged to witness your be becoming. 
"So Hum: I am that I am."~ Vedic Mantra

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Marvolisfear: Life is great, but I am scared. What do I do...? I'm scared but I'm trapped in this feeling... the excitement and fear of what do I do?

~ a 12 year old poet, disguised as a client.

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Currently accepting new Poetic Encounter grief processsing group members. Waitlist for individual therapy is open. A complimentary 15 minutes telehealth consultation is available upon request.

Currently mainly offering Telehealth.

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